Monday, 3 November 2008

O tempora!

Councils ban Latin.


Richard Donkin said...

Dear Keith,

I have just found your blog while looking up something or other and think I might be here for some time. It's like wandering in to an emporium with lots of choice trinkets and ornaments that you never knew existed and would look just lovely on the mantelpiece. I'm going to link straight away, if I ever get of here!

best wishes,


Anonymous said...

I think as they are quite right to ban Latin for being Elite and descrimatory as well as what it is confusing when one is told a tool is egg a hammer well Ive ruined a good hammer now with egg on it.
Mr Lamejoke
Specious Editorial


Richard: many thanks for your kind comments, not only here but on your own site, which I look forward to exploring.

Mike: timor Elvis conturbat me (in-jokes, dontcha love 'em?).

Anonymous said...

I love it when you get Faux-Classical with me.